Photosynthesis Process

Although scientists have long embraced the idea of  photosynthesis as a process that works with plants to produce kloro cloerofil green stuff, they (the scientists - not the green stuff) have never had the technology to actually capture an actual example of photons in actual action.

The BigDealGuy, in a quote that's just about to appear on this actual web page, said, "Yo, scientists: Eat my digital dust. You can bring down the Hubble Space Telescope and get an actual real camera such as the one that I won at the Relay for Life, the one that none of you lizard lips won but I did and not yall."

In the amazing photograph above, the ray-like stuff streaming in from the upper right is sunlight, which contains a bunch of photons.

You've seen pictures where the picture taker took a shot of say, a racecar and the racecar is like frozen in motion?

Think that was kewl? How about this photo where I snapped a quick stop action picture of photons as they travel at the speed of light? How's that?

The photons strike the leaf, as shown in the striking photo, and danged if the leaf ain't green! Kewl.

You should have seen the leaf before the photon bombardment. That happens at night when the sun's rays are blocked by the earth and I'm not allowed to go out and take pictures after dark so get somebody else, okay?

Maybe a way cool Hubble Space Telescope Scientist.

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